How to measure your drawer slide

1.Measure the length of the cabinet to have a sense of the furniture dimensions.

- Use a tape measure to calculate the distance between the front edge of the open cabinet to the back wall. Once you’ve figured out the exact measurement, subtract 1 inch (2.5 cm) from the total      to determine your slide length.

-  Jot down the measurement on a separate piece of paper so you don’t forget it.

2.Calculate the drawer’s length to complete your measurements.

Examine the bottom of the drawer that you just removed. Extend the tape measure from the front edge of the drawer to the back edge. Take note of this measurement, as under-mounted slides         need to be the exact same length as the drawer.

3.Choose a slide that best fits your furniture’s schematics.

Examine the measurement of both your drawer and cabinet to determine the length that your slide will need to be. Traditional drawer slides range in length between 8 to 24 inches (200 to 600           mm), so use those measurements to select the best slide style.