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Self- tapping screws are a special type of fastener with a rather unique feature. They are able to tap their own threads in materials like plastic, wood, and metal. Self-tapping screws are split into two main categories, Thread-Forming and Thread-Cutting. The screws are similar in the job they do, however, they have two noticeable differences. One of the screws has a flat base, the other has a sharp point.


  •  Head Shape : Flat
  •  Packing : 100pcs (Loose Packing) , 1000pcs (Box Packing) , 500pcs (Box Packing)
  •  Size : #6x3/8"  , #6x1/2" , #6x5/8" , #6x3/4" , #6x1" , #6x1-1/4" , #6x1-1/2 " ,  #6x1-3/4" , #6x2" , #6x2-1/2" , #6x3"
  • Thread Diameter: 3mm (#6)
  • Screw Length: 3/8" (10mm)  , 1/2" (12mm) , 5/8" (16mm) , 3/4" (20mm) , 1" (25mm)  1 1/4" (32mm) , 1 1/2" (38mm) , 1 3/4" (45mm) , 2" (50mm) , 2 1/2"(65mm) , 3" (75mm)
  • -The quick couplers are used to connecting the plastic tubes and other elements in the pneumatic 
  •   systems.
  • -Quick installation.
  • -The direction of tubing can be changed freely even after installation.
  • -This quick connect fittings are used to build or disrupt the connection of fluid lines.
  • -Quick coupling are supplied to a wide range of application such as agricultural, chemical, and 
  •   hydraulic applications.
  • Door / Cabinet / Drawer Handle Matt Black B803 is an elegant and modern piece of door handle that can be install on cabinet door and drawer door.
  • It only require to screw the handle from behind to nicely secure it onto the door. 
  • It is made from high quality aluminium and finish with matt black powder coating for modern design looking.
  • Available in 2 different size at the moment, 64mm and 128mm.
  • Material: Aluminium
  • Colour: Matt Black
  • Size: 32mm / 64mm / 96mm / 128mm / 192mm / 256mm
  • Suitable Nail: ST20 ST25 ST30 ST32 ST38 ST45 ST50 ST64 NAIL
  • Easy Insurance cage design, to use safe, secure
  • Easy to open automatically open all aluminum nailslots and ergonomic design of the gun operation Imported
  • Hard ultra-durable metal striker
  • Nailing depth can be adjusted quickly strong
  • Internal structure is simple, easy maintenance
  • Wood to concrete,Light gauge steel to drywall,Steel dand & wood,Wire lathe & Masonry


  • Different Option: 0mm Full Overlay, 9mm Half Overlay, 17mm Full Insert
  • No Spring Action for effortless open and closing
  • Quick and Easy Installation – The clip-on plate and 3-way adjustments allow for faster, more efficient installation; great for DIY jobs or contractors.
  • Improved Accessibility – Crafted with a 35mm bore (hinge cup)
  • Heavy Duty quality used by the well-known carpenter and interior designer


  •  Suitable for closet,cabinet,drawer,etc.
  •  Made from stainless steel material,which is durable and not easy to rust.
  •  Elegant flat black finished surface.
  •  Two delighted varied sizes cabinet handles for selection.
  • Easy to install.
  • Silicone cartridge caulking tool. -
  • Durable steel frame. -
  • Comfortable grip. -
  • Smooth Hex rod. -
  • Fits most silicon sealant & caulks. -
  • Also fits “Awning / Roofing Sealant”. -
  • Strong sturdy steel rod and quick-release system. -
  • Suitable for light & medium sealant applications.
  • All packing come in 2 Pcs
  • Made from high quality steel
  • Fit 25mm/1" Round Handing Rod
  • Finish is Polish Chrome
  • Option: Adjustable Center , Adjustable End Cap , Non-AdjustableCenter , Non-Adjustable End Cap
  • - Easy Installation
  • - Installation is quickly and easy and additional security for your home or office doors are within 
  •    reach Chain lock also come with install screws in the package
  • - proof, long operation life and dependability. In additional, door chain lock used latest electroplating 
  •    and polishing technology to ensure a perfect long lasting
  • - Light Duty Door closer
  • - 1 unit for 1 door 
  • - Spring loaded with adjustable tension
  • - Can be mounted on the door or on the wall 
  • - Can adjust the strength , according to the distance of the door to adjust , more convenient to use 

This is a great modern elegant door pull for those who don’t want a large handle. Ideal for internal door, offices and wherever the user need a pull handle.

  • -Stainless steel construction
  • -Matte black finish
  • -Easy to install
  • -Size : 128mm , 160mm


  • - low viscosity, ultra fast setting Ethyl based Super Glue.
  • - bonds almost immediately upon contact - plastic, rubber, ceramic, metal and etc.
  • - specially formulated to bond substrates like acidic woods
  • Italy premium quality hinge 
  • Direct Factory Price 
  • Highly Adjustable compare to other brand
  • Thicker Body Structure 
  • Full Overlay 0mm 5/8" design
  • Air pressured , soft closing
  • All packing come in 2 Pcs
  • Made from Zinc Allot
  • Finish is Polish Chrome
  • Option: Adjustable Center , Adjustable End Cap



Mold on polyurethane casters with cast iron core are superior to rubber casters in resistance to grease, oil, cutting, chunking, and abrasive wear. These caster wheels can be used on almost any factory floor. Given the same size load on a smooth floor, a polyurethane caster wheel rolls easier than the same size conventional rubber caster wheel. Any wheel color avaliable. Straight roller bearing with drilled hardended steel spanner bushing.